Installation Help

Instructions for installation on Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8, Windows 10

To install Billiard Business Solutions and Sales Tracker on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 please follow the instructions carefully when prompted by the installer. If you would like to speak with a customer service representative, please contact us at 800-460-3525 or 724-602-5223. Periodically some individuals experience some issues during the install due to antivirus programs or Windows Defender. Don’t be alarmed and simply follow the instructions below.

1. Download and run the BBSSetup.exe file.  This will open a main install form with steps to install lights, Data Access Components and the main programs.  If needed, the setup will open a set of folders and display instructions.

2. Find the ahscript_setup.exe file. Right click on the file, go to the compatibility tab and set it to run in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode. If using Windows 7/Windows 8, Windows 10, this may be under just compatibility mode. In Windows 7 you should be able to see a check box allowing the program to run as Administrator. Make sure that this box is checked. Click the apply button or save button. Right click on the file again after doing this and choose to run the file as Administrator. Or just click open in Windows 7/Windows 8, Windows 10, if you have checked the box to run as Administrator.

3. Double click to run the ahscript_setup.exe file.

4. Also, follow the same procedure for installing the Microsoft Data Access Components. Find the MDAC_TYP.exe file in the same folder setting the file to XP Compatibility mode and then running it as Administrator. Or make sure to check the box to enable it to run as Administrator in Windows 7/Windows 8, Windows 10.

5. Double click t run the MDAC_TYP.exe file.  Choose complete setup.

6. Go back to the main setup form and click the install BBS button.

If you still see error messages when running the Billiards program, we will automatically fix these issues.  Simply restart the program.

If you need any assistance, please call 800-460-3525 for North America or 724-602-5223 internationally. Will gladly walk you through the installation. We can also use screen sharing to install the software.

Still Having an installation issue?

Try any/all of these solutions:

1. Disable Windows Defender and any other anti-virus software.
2. Right click on the install file and “Run as Administrator” and also set compatibility to run as “XP SP2” for nest results.
3. Run Ahsetup_script.exe as “Administrator” and compatibilty with “XP SP2” for best results.
4. Run MDAC_TYP.exe as “Administrator” and compatibilty with “XP SP2” for best results.