Inside POOL Magazine to Stream Live Shows from IPT Challenge

Inside POOL Magazine to Stream Live Shows from IPT Challenge
Pocket billiards players Francisco Bustamante and Corey Deuel will face off against each other January 23, 2008, LIVE on starting at 8 p.m. EST. will take part in this historic event by broadcasting two live shows starting at 7 p.m. EST and immediately following the conclusion of the match January 23. Hosting the shows will be Inside POOL Magazine commentator Rachael Abbink.
The shows will be held in conjunction with the East Versus West, which is the second challenge match of its kind produced by the International Pool Tour (IPT). The challenge match, the pre-game show, and the post-game show will be available online for free. The match is free for anyone who wants to watch it. I suggest that they sign up early at ( so that they can watch the beginning of the program, said Deno Andrews of the IPT.
The match will be streamed live from the ( website and requires a free account.
The pre-game and post-game episodes will stream live at, for which no account will be necessary. Users will be given time following the pre-game show at to log in and view the match at IPT website.
The episodes will stream from a special page from the website. JR Calvert of Inside POOL Magazine stated, I believe that this is the first time that a news source has provided live streaming shows of this style and magnitude. I truly believe that this has been a missing ingredient in the forward progress of our sport.
The post-game show will begin streaming approximately 2 minutes after the conclusion of the streaming portion at the IPT website, so users will have time to view the post-game show.


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