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When choosing CuetPOS, we don’t just hand you the software and tell you to figure it out. We also deliver exceptional hardware that’s designed to run our systems for years of operation. We offer a range of hardware solutions designed to complement and enhance the capabilities of our CuetPOS software, ensuring that your business operates at its peak performance.

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When operating a restaurant, bar, or billiard hall, our hardware is tailored to meet the demands of your industry and the business you are running. From our versatile all-in-one POS system to handheld devices for table service, menu boards, quick ordering kiosks, and efficient kitchen display systems, we can cover all your hardware needs and then some.

We offer seamless integration from your previous system, and the reliability and efficiency that our hardware solutions bring. Explore the individual sections below to learn more about each product and how it can transform your operations. With Definitive Synergy’s hardware, you’re not just upgrading your technology – you’re elevating your business.

Jump your business forward in speed and efficiency. Let modern hardware and software take your elevate your business performance.

Our Solutions

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Efficient, versatile, and feature rich to meet any demand for any venue.

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Unlock Your Business Potential with CuetPOS Financing.

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Powerful hardware that will meet your needs and never slow down.

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Free Card Processing

Card processing that keeps your transactions cost-effective.

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