Hall and Truax Score on Viking Billiard Tour

Hall and Truax Score on Viking Billiard Tour
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Cape Coral, FL

by InsidePOOL Staff
A strong 122 players competed in the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour’s January 26-27 event at the grand opening tournament for the brand-new Diamond Billiards Sports Bar and Grill in Cape Coral, FL. The players competed for their share of the prize fund, with Justin Hall claiming the win of the 55-player, $1,500-added open division and Jeremy Bell taking top honors in the 67-player, $500-added amateur division.

Hall worked his way through the top half of the bracket undefeated to take first place. On his way to the finals he sent his opponents one after another to the left side of chart, including Jessica Barker 9-1, Jim Hannah 9-1, Mike Janis 9-1, Jason Ritchko 9-7, Tony “The Sniper” Crosby 9-7, Louis Altes 9-5, and in the hot seat he defeated Jason Miller 9-4.

Miller began his journey in the bottom half of the bracket, besting Bob Herrera 9-5, Valerie Dukich 9-3, Nathan Rose 9-7, and Jonathan Demet 9-8 before being sent to the left side of the chart by Louis Altes 9-5. There he faced Jason Richko and made a comeback from 8-4 to win 9-8, placing Richko in fifth. Miller then defeated Crosby 9-6 and Louis Altes, this time defeating him 9-7, before his second loss in the finals 9-4 at the hands of Hall.

Open Division Results:
1st Justin Hall
2nd Jason Miller
3rd Louis Altes
4th Tony Crosby
5th Jason Richko
Mario Cruz
7th Nathan Rose
Josh Lewis
9th Johnaton Demet
Brian Davalos
Ted Lepak
Tim Crews
13th Harry Hess
Adam Merrill
Trevor Heal
Hal Harvey

In the amateur division, Bell went through the bottom half of the chart undefeated. He drew a bye in round one and then proceeded to defeat Jessica Barker 5-3, Ed Knopp 5-2,Wesley White 5-0, Treavor Heal 5-4, and Valerie Dukich 5-4. However Truax won the event by a coin flip over Jeremy Bell.

Before Bell’s final coin flip loss that placed him in second, Truax drew a bye in round one and then proceeded through the top half of the chart, sending all his opponents to the one-loss side, beginning with Richard Etwell 5-1, Micheal Cross 5-4, Tim Crews 5-4, Jose Ybarra 5-2, and Todd Vail 5-1.

Amateur Division Results:
1st Chris Truax
2nd Jeremy Bell
3rd Paul Bramwell
4th Jose Ybarra
5th Todd Vail
Valerie Dekich
7th Willie McBride
Ken Coulter
9th Trevor Heal
Oscar Castillo
David Cole
Scott Howard


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