Haddad Hits a Home Run

Haddad Hits a Home Run
Pechauer All-American Tour / Lakewood, CO

by InsidePOOL Staff
Mark Haddad soared to first place at the March 22 stop of the Pechauer All-American Tour. Hosted by Greenfields Pool and Sports Bar in Lakewood, CO, the $1,000-added event drew the maximum 48 players in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes.
In the hot seat match, Haddad outscored Sam Cordova 5-1. Earlier, in the A-bracket semifinals, Haddad defeated Jeremy Fournier 5-4, while Cordova topped off Bill Skinner 5-3. The A-bracket quarterfinals included Cordova dropping Dino Devoe 5-1, Skinner dominating John Duran 5-1, Haddad besting Noe Gonzalez 5-3, and Fournier eclipsing Ronnie Chavez 5-2.

In the B-side final eight, Chavez clipped Chuey Rivera 5-4, and Dave Gomez ousted Devoe 5-1. In the quarterfinals, Chavez and Gomez continued their winning ways by eliminating Skinner 5-4 and Fournier 5-0, respectively. The semifinals saw Gomez clip Chavez 5-4, but the B-side finals ended Gomez’s run at the hands of Cordova by a 5-1 margin. The finals featured Cordova versus Haddad, with Cordova having to win two sets to claim the title. But Haddad was determined to remain undefeated, as he comfortably won the first set 5-2 for the title.

1st Mark Haddad
2nd Sammy Cordova
3rd Dave Gomez
4th Ronnie Chavez
5th Bill Skinner
Jeremy Fournier
7th Dino Deveo
Chuey Rivera
9th John Duran
Greg Wey
Greg Romero
Noe Gonzalez


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