Green and Shea Score on Tiger Billiards Tour

Green and Shea Score on Tiger Tour
Tiger Pool Tour / Arlington, VA

by Andy Lincoln

Danny Green, tour founder, and Linda Shea pulled down top honors in their respective divisions.

Danny Green, tour founder, and Linda Shea pulled down top honors in their respective divisions.

The Tiger Pool Tour returned to Arlington, VA, September 13-14 for their ninth event of the season. This $2,000-added event was hosted by Champion Billiards Café, a player-owned room and a player favorite in Northern Virginia. Danny Green, tour founder, and Linda Shea walked away with top honors in their respective divisions.

Green, who won last month’s special one-pocket event, started out strong with wins over Dustin Paris and Andy Lincoln. He followed that up by defeating a tough Scott Tollefson to advance to Sunday’s final four on the winners’ side. Shaun Wilkie worked his way through four matches for his trip to Sunday. The top half of the bracket saw Matt Krah easily advance including a 9-4 win over current points leader Manuel Chau. Ilir Jaho joined these players on the winners’ side.

On Sunday, Krah advanced past Jaho and Green took down Wilkie by identical 9-6 scores. The hot seat match was uneventful as Green defeated Wilkie 9-6. The elimination bracket was being fought out with veteran Ed Deska working his way forward. Quality wins over Shane Jackson and Tollefson were followed up with a 9-2 win over Jaho. Wilkie recovered from his loss to Green to squeak past Chau 9-8 before ending Deska’s run 9-6. Wilkie earned a rematch with Green after downing Krah 9-6.

The single-set final race to 11 between Green and Wilkie stayed close the whole way. At double-hill, both players seemed unable to close the deal. There were several challenging table layouts that prevented the easy out, and it was Green who finally snapped out of it to take the win.

A small but strong group of ten ladies entered the women’s event. All ten of these ladies had placed in the money on the Tiger Tour, so there were no easy matches. Cheryl Squire, sponsored on tour by Big Daddy’s Billiards, started her day out with big wins over Ming Ng 7-4 and Linda Shea 7-2. Rachel Eliazar from North Carolina has been playing well lately and sent Squire to the elimination bracket 7-5. Ji-Hyun Park took care of the top half of the bracket with a pair of 7-5 wins over Pauline Mattes and tour owner Ceci Strain. Eliazar captured the hot seat by a 7-4 margin.

In the elimination bracket, Ng and Shea rolled through their matches before meeting up. Shea put Ng into the fourth spot with a 5-4 decision. Another 5-4 score eliminated Park, putting Shea into the single-set final race to 9 with Eliazar. Shea turned it on at this point, winning the final comfortably 9-3.

Linda Shea added another title to her collection.

Linda Shea added another title to her collection.

Open Results:
1st Danny Green
2nd Shaun Wilkie
3rd Matt Krah
4th Ed Deska
5th Ilir Jaho
Manuel Chau
7th Scott Tollefson
Brian Deska
9th Daniel Madden
Shane Jackson
William Moon
Andy Lincoln
13th Joey Ryan
Jose Perez Jr.
Ryan McCreesh
Brandon Shuff

Women’s Results:
1st Linda Shea
2nd Rachael Eliazar
3rd Ji-Hyun Park
4th Ming Ng
5th Ceci Strain
Cheryl Squire
7th Chanta Key
Pauline Mattes