Global Billiard Poker Tournament to Award 1 Million Euros

New Format Blends Online Poker and Pool to Create Huge Prize Funds

Professional pocket billiards player Vincent Facquet is pleased to announce the inception of a dynamic and innovative blend of pool and poker tournaments—PoolPok. Combining the intensity of Texas Hold ‘Em with the thrill of 8-ball tournaments, PoolPok’s ground-breaking new format will have twice the excitement and feature a million-euro prize fund.

Stage 1 of PoolPok will consist of an online Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament with an unlimited amount of participants. Only 1 percent of the players from each tournament will qualify for the next stage of PoolPok. Once 128 players qualify, the second stage begins. This will comprise a single-elimination 8-ball tournament with a field of 128. Last place pays 4,000 euros to a man and 5,000 euros to a woman, while first place pays 150,000 euros. The top 8 finishers in the first tournament will automatically be invited to return to the second.

PoolPok is using online poker and pool to create a new tournament format that plans to build prize large funds.

PoolPok is using online poker and pool to create a new tournament format that plans to build prize large funds.

CEO and founder Vincent Facquet said, “I was inspired to create PoolPok after performing extensive research into the structure of successful poker tournaments. With the success of poker and the fact that many pool players also play poker, I feel that having an online tournament to qualify is a great way to introduce a tournament that has a true global reach and give pool players the opportunity to compete for the larger prize funds that they deserve and that this sport has been missing.”

About Vincent Facquet
Vincent Facquet, born in Forges-Les-Eaux (Normandy, France) on December 20, 1968, first picked up a pool cue at the age of 7. By the age of 19, he had discovered English 8-ball and snooker. After winning tournaments on the local and then national level, Facquet began to represent France at pool tournaments in Europe and throughout the world. He competes on the Euro Tour, at the world championships, and at other professional events. Facquet won three world titles in 1997, 2005, and 2006 on both pool and snooker tables. Additionally, his ability to entertain led him to artistic pool, and he is a renowned trick shot performer in much demand.