Ga-Young Kim Snags WPA Women’s World Championship

Ga-Young Kim Snags WPA Women’s World ChampionshipNine Ball crowned a new heroine tonight in Taipei, Taiwan. Ga-Young Kim finished a tough day and even tougher week with three consecutive victories, finally besting another former champion, Shin-Mei Liu, to take the highest honor in the game.She had to get past Jeannie Seaver in the quarter-finals, then Akimi Kajitani before stepping up for the final time against Liu. It was a long day of battle and it began with the quarter-finals rounds.Ga-Young Kim of Korea came into her match against Jeannie Seaver of the USA as the favorite. She had already won the event in 2004 and that experience, along with her skills, should have carried the day. But early in the match the mistakes came to her rapidly. In the very first rack she missed an eight ball she was expectd to make and Seaver finished the rack to take game one. Now owning the break, Seaver broke and ran the next rack to go ahead by two. In rack three Kim came to the table only to foul a ball while removing the rest and again Seaver cleaned up behind her to go up 3-0. Finally, in rack four, Seaver made an error of her own and scratched on the break. Kim returned to form and ran the rack to take her first point.The next rack was the first to give Kim a good roll. She made a ball on the break, sank the one ball and then played a three-nine combination to draw within one. But the errors returned in the next rack when Kim just flat missed a half-table shot on the one with an easy layout behind it that Seaver went through with a good pace. The score was 4-2.


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