Fuller and Bulfin are the Big Dawgs

Fuller and Bulfin are the Big Dawgs
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Athens, GA

by InsidePOOL Staff

Lucky Dawg Billiards in Athens, GA, hosted the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour the weekend of Februry 23-24, and the joint was jumping with a total of 86 participants, with players from eight different states. Michael Fuller took off the open division, while Matt Bulfin triumphed in the amateur event.
The events hosted 43 players in the Open Event which included 7 free entries and 7 league discounts and an additional 43 players in the Amateur Event on Sunday which included 7 free entries and 6 league discounts. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour paid out an astonishing $5790 in prize money this past weekend. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour continues to strive to provide an excellent tournament environment by scheduling events in some of the best player oriented pool rooms in the region and continuing to offer players the highest payouts possible.

The open event had 43 players vying for the top spot. Fuller, who has racked up wins on most Southeast tours with his astonishing ability over the past year, fought his way to the finals by getting a bye in the first round and then dominating the top half of the bracket. He dealt a donut to David Lemon before defeating Omar Abbsi 9-5, Walker Breadon 9-3, Bruce Berrong 9-1, and Travis Summers 9-6 for the hot seat. After Summers’ loss, he faced off against Paul Song in the semifinals and bested him 9-7 in the battle for the tip back across the board to face Fuller again. Summers won the first match 9-4, but in the second, Fuller came back to win a hill-hill thriller 9-8.
Open Results:
1st Mike Fuller
2nd Travis Summers
3rd Paul Song
4th Tim Orange
5th Bruce Berrong
David Shadden
7th Brian White
Roger Lewis

The amateur division, won by Bulfin, garnered another 43 fine players. Bulfin took charge of the chart, beginning with Paul Derringer 5-4, Mike Henry 5-2, Chad Royal 5-2, Todd Drake 5-2, Bryant Walker 5-3, and Jim Davis 5-3 in the hot seat match. Davis was awarded a win in the semifinals via a forfeit by Todd Drake and then returned to the finals to face Bulfin, where he was defeated 5-2.
Amateur Results:
1st Matt Bulfin
2nd Jim Davis
3rd Todd Drake
4th Billy Tyler
5th BR Tatum
Bryant Walker
7th Gary Neal
Chad Royal


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