First Round Completed at Predator 10-Ball Championship

First Round Completed at Predator 10-Ball Championship
Predator 10-Ball Championship / Las Vegas, NV
by InsidePOOL Staff
The first round of the 8th Annual Predator 10-Ball Championship, held at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV, is in the books, with more billiard matches to come Wednesday.
The American players seem to be holding their own so far, with former U.S. Open champion Jeremy “Double J” Jones rousting Eduardo Roldan 10-1 and Jimmy Mendoza coming out ahead of a hill-hill match against Christian Reimering. Mike Dechaine bested Alex Lely 10-8, while Robb Saez won 10-6 over Germany’s Thomas Engert, and Adam “GQ” Smith scored a 10-7 victory over Louis Ulrich.
While Sarah Rousey and Yu Ram Cha both lost their matches against Go Takami 10-5 and Richard Wolff 10-3, respectively, Gerda Hofstatter of Austria came out ahead of Chris Bartram 10-8 in their match.
Ernesto Dominguez has won two matches so far, one against Yukiko Hamanisho 10-4 and the other over Allen Hopkins 10-6, the younger Dominguez, Oscar, was defeated 10-6 in an early afternoon match.
Marcus Chamat of Sweden bested Dave Hemmah 10-7, Tony “Tornado” Drago won 10-8 over Luc Salvas, young gun John Morra dealt Diego Pedro Simon a 10-4 loss, Edwin Montal scored a 10-6 win over Mike Davis, and Mika Immonen sent Corey Deuel to the one-loss side 10-4.
The Billiard Education Foundation’s “Challenge the Stars” event brought in pool fans this evening to play against their favorite pros. This BEF event is one of the most anticipated, as champions such as Johnny Archer, Ralf Souquet, Niels Feijen, Tony Robles, Thorsten Hohmann, Mike Davis, Mika Immonen, and Rodney Morris gave of their time to mingle and play pool with some of their biggest fans, all the while raising money for an excellent cause. There was also a raffle and an auction to benefit the BEF, and Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman made a special appearance, thrilling the crowd with his trick shot exhibition.
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