Ferrell and Nevel Set for the Finals

Ferrell and Nevel Set for the Finals
By Michael Basha
Sparky Ferrell cooled down Jesse Middlebrook’s hot streak with a commanding 11-5 triumph for the winner’s bracket of the Great Southern Billiard Tour Championship. Ferrell held a 10-2 lead when Middlebrook began making a comeback, but Ferrell withstood the onslaught and a beautiful kick safety on the 1 ball earned Ferrell ball in hand for the road map layout and the 11-5 win.
On the one-loss side Nevel and Jonathan “Hennessee” Pinegar slugged it out with Nevel emerging victorious 11-9. Pinegar ran three racks to tie it at 8-all, but Nevel stuck with him and took a 10-8 lead. Pinegar scored one more game but broke dry, allowing Nevel to clear the table for the win.
Nevel’s win over Pinegar set up the one-loss side final against Jesse Middlebrook, which saw Nevel outplay Middlebrook to an 11-6 score line. Ferrell and Nevel will now play a race-to-15, win-by-two final at 8 p.m. tonight.


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