End of the Road for Reyes at Derby City Classic Banks

End of the Road for Reyes at Derby City Classic Banks
By Mike Fieldhammer, InsidePOOL Staff
Efren Reyes, last year’s Derby City Classic All-Around champion, was eliminated Sunday from the bank pool competition.
He was forced to use his re-buy option when he lost to Louisville’s own Brent Jackson. Once more he demonstrated his resilience and put together a respectable run of wins throughout the evening. Tony Fergeson ended his streak, however, so “The Magician” will have to wait until the one-pocket begins to show more of his tricks.
John “Mr. 403” Schmidt was undefeated going into round seven, but his tournament came to a sudden and surprising end when he ran into Alex Pagulayan. Twice. That’s right: Because of the random draw for each round, it’s possible for the same opponents to play in consecutive matches. Sometimes this works in a player’s favor. Other times it means that you have to play Alex back to back. For Schmidt, it was one of those times.
Notable undefeated players in the bank division include Pagulayan, Francisco Bustamante, and Jeremy Jones. Meanwhile, some of the lesser-known professionals are really impressing the crowds. Sylver Ochoa, Rafael Martinez, and Jason Kirkwood have all adjusted to the tables and the pressure and are quite capable of taking it all the way.
Round nine of the bank pool and round one of the one-pocket divisions will resume Monday.


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