Ellerman Takes Reno 8-Ball Division, Pinegar Wins All-Around

Ellerman Takes Reno 8-Ball Division, Pinegar Wins All-Around
by Rick Davis
Mitch Ellerman took the title of champion of the U.S. Bar Table 8-ball division Sunday night, ending the week-long event that featured action in 10-ball, 9-ball, and 8-ball. The Sands Regency Hotel and Casino hosted the annual event, which ran from February 25-March 2.
The day began with ten players remaining in the 8-ball field: two on the winners’ side and eight on the one-loss side. Starting the day out Jose Parica bested Mitch Ellerman in the hot seat match and then waited to watch the one-loss side unfold. It was there that Gabe Owen and Johnathan Pinegar were about to clash. Owen began the day by eliminating Glenn Atwell then Adam Behnke, while Pinegar ousted Darrold Crain.
At this point everyone looked to Owen and Pinegar, as their match would determine the all-around champion. Through the event Shane Van Boening held the lead, but his early defeat in 8-ball made it impossible to take either of the top two spots. Pinegar, on the other hand, just won the 9-ball division days ago, while Owen had a fourth- and second-place finish to give him a 5-point lead on Pinegar. Once again, though, Pinegar surprised the crowd and knocked out Owen in the quarterfinal round to advance as well as to lock the all-around title.
Pinegar then came out strong in the semifinals with a 4-0 lead in the race to 5, but then Ellerman brought it back to double-hill then broke and ran to steal the match away from Pinegar. With the finals set to play, the true double-elimination format gave Ellerman an uphill battle against an opponent who just defeated him. In the first set Parica undercut his last ball at double-hill, giving the rack and set to Ellerman. In the second set Parica rattled a ball, once again at double-hill, giving Ellerman all the opportunity he needed to take the final set 5-4 and claim the 8-ball division title.
8-Ball Results:
1st Mitch Ellerman $6000
2nd Jose Parica $3650
3rd Johnathan Pinegar $2500
4th Gabe Owen $1650
5th Adam Behnke $1000
Darrold Crain
7th Cliff Joyner $750
Glenn Atwell
9th Geoffery Somer $525
Damian Alishan
Ike Runnels
Marshall Williams
Over All Results:
1st Johnathan Pinegar $2000
2nd Gabe Owen $1000
3rd Shane Van Boening $500


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