Edey Sets the Tone for the BCAPL Open 9-Ball Challenge

Edey Sets the Tone for the BCAPL Open 9-Ball Challenge
by Samm Diep, InsidePOOL Staff
The 32nd Annual BCAPL National 8-Ball Champions kicked off at the Riviera Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, May 7. For the second year, the extravaganza was jump-started one day early with an open 9-ball challenge. Played on 7-foot Diamond Smart Tables, there are absolutely no restrictions for who’s eligible to enter. Men, women, seniors, and juniors are all welcome. And with the winner-break, race-to-7 format, it could be anyone’s prize for the snatching.
Even though they were taking sign-ups and finishing the draw until the wee hours of the night, tournament directors Gibbi Tkatch and Rick Doner were proud of the prompt 15 minute players’ meeting and punctual 9 o’clock start time. Of the 172 hopefuls, 32 cashed and 24 returned for more on day two.
Some early shake-ups occurred when an excited Phillip Tourangeau put his brother Stan to the one-loss side and another Canadian favorite, Edwin Montal, was sent home by Minnesota’s Jamie Pluta. The usual suspects who returned Thursday to continue the battle included Tyler Edey, Ike Runnels, Mark Vidal, Mike Banks Jr., and Danny Petralba.
Minnesota had a strong showing, taking three of the top six places. In the end, Minneapolis’s Demitrius Jelatis left Kansas City’s star Mike Banks Jr. with a third-place trophy as he went back for a rematch with Alberta, Canada’s, Tyler Edey. Jelatis won the first two games but was no match for Edey’s smooth precision and confidence. This year would not be a repeat of last year’s second place for Edey.
“I’m a better player this year. I’ve lost so much. I don’t want to come in second anymore,” said an elated Edey, who’s also signed up for the Predator 10-Ball event that kicks off next week. He’s also hoping to play in the 8-Ball Grand Masters event if the schedule permits. As for Jelatis, this is his first year playing in the singles and has a great shot as he’ll be playing in the open.
Both finalists enjoyed the format and had a great time. Attendance was slightly down from last year, but you can expect some big plans for better promoting next year, says Bill Stock, BCA Director of Rules Referees.
The Scotch Doubles, Singles, and Team events commence over the next ten days. More than 7,000 players are rolling in for their shot at the $750,000 in prize money. Stay tuned to InsidePoolMag.com for more updates.
1st Tyler Edey $3,000
2st Demitrius Jelatis $2,200
3rd Mike Banks, Jr. $1,700
4th Kings Santy $1,300


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