Davenport Rocks Southern Classic Open

Davenport Rocks Southern Classic Open
Kim Davenport, a recent transplant to Atlanta, GA and new owner/partner with Johnny Archer of the Marietta Billiard Club has been tearing up the field at the Viking Cues SCO2’s $10,000 Added 10-ball tournament currently being held at Mr Cues II Billiards, www.mrcues2.net (http://www.mrcues2.net) .

Davenport won his 1st match against Joe Huhes 9-3 then lost to local player Paul Song in a thriller of a match 9-8. Davenport then hit the 1-loss side and started tearing up the field by defeating Finlan’s Joonas Ohtenem 9-4. He played long time friend and business partner Johnny the Scorpion Archer defeating him 9-2 , then continued by defeating the South’s most notorios player, Stevie Moore 9-7, Alabama’s George Rothrock 9-6, legendary road hustler Chris The Miz Bartram 9-8. Davenport continued his streak by defeating former US Open Champion Gabe Owen 9-7, Louis Ulrich 9-6.


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