Rental Management Finally Done Right

Billiard halls and pool rooms are meant to be vibrant gatherings for socializing and entertainment. The demands of managing that setting takes a solution that can both keep pace and offer a better experience for both patrons and proprietors. CuetPOS is the answer.

CuetPos is the better point-of-sale system (POS) programmed and designed specifically to cater to billiard halls and pool rooms. With per minute rental tracking to easily customizable pricing options, CuetPOS boosts profitability and creates satisfaction in your patrons to keep them coming back.

CuetPOS goes beyond transaction processing to elevate the play in your billiard hall or pool room. Our features are designed to enhance your player’s rental time at the table and streamline your table management to get more tables occupied with quicker and accurate turn around.

Experience how CuetPOS can transform your billiard hall or pool room operations with easy gameplay tracking and table management, guaranteed to keep your customers satisfied.

Whether you own a seasoned billiards hall or a new pool room, our solutions are designed for you. Discuss with us how CuetPOS can meet your needs and cater to your business.

Our Solutions

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Unlock Your Business Potential with CuetPOS Financing.

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Powerful hardware that will meet your needs and never slow down.

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Free Card Processing

Card processing that keeps your transactions cost-effective.

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