Chavez Captures 8-Ball at Viking Cues Southern Classic Open 2

Chavez Captures 8-Ball at Viking Cues Southern Classic Open 2
Ignacio Nacho Chavez swept the 8-ball division at the Viking Cue’s Southern Classic Open 2 currently being held at Mr Cues II Billiards in Atlanta, GA until October 28th.

The finals match between Louis Ulrich and Ignacio Nacho Chavez was filled with intense play and dramatic shots by both players. The match score never showed more than a 1 game difference between the players and the score was tied 6-6, 7-7 and 8-8 in the race to 9 competition. At 8-8 Ulrich broke and made a solid then in the open table format choose to pocket a solid next. After the break the cue ball came to rest on top of the 11-ball on the rail at the racking end of the table.
Louis had a tough decision to make as he choose to shoot the 5 ball which was by the racking spot into the side pocket of of a stripe ball that was partially blocking the side pocket. After carefully studying the shot, Ulrich fired the 5 off the 11 in the side then continued to run the next 2 balls with ease. To the packed house of spectators it looked as if Ulrich was out from there but in the next shot Ulrich missed a very make-able straight in shot and Chavez easily ran out the rest of the stripes and the final 8-ball to win the event.

Path to finals = Chavez
9-5 over Jason Klatt, 9-0 over Norris Likens, 9-7 over Paul Song, 9-7 over Louis Ulrich, 9-8 over Stevie Moore, (Hot Seat Match) = 9-4 over Clint McCullough FINALS over Ulrich 9-8.

Path to finals = Ulrich
9-2 over Art Keck, 9-0 over Jerry Ray, 9-8 over John Schmidt, LOST 9-7 to Chavez. 1-Loss side = Ulrich over Johnny Archer 9-3, over Larry Nevel 9-5, over Chuck Dorsett 9-3, (Quarter Finals) over Stevie Moore 9-8 (Semi-Finals) over Clint McCullough 9-1. Lost to Chavez in the fibals 9-8

8-Ball Results:

Ignacio Chavez

Louis Ulrich

Clint McCullough

Stevie Moore

Chuck Dorsett

John Schmidt

Chris Bartrum

Larry Nevel

Helena Thornfeldt

Shawn Putnam

Wade Crane

Johnny Archer


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