Bustamante Performs to Expectations

Bustamante Performs to Expectations
Ask the billiards aficionados and 4 out of 5 would have predicted an easy victory for Filipino Francisco Bustmante in the much hyped East versus West IPT Challenge match with former U.S. Open champion Corey Deuel. The experts nailed the prognostication process as Bustamante dismantled a disgruntled Deuel, 15-8.
The challenge match is the second and latest edition of the one-on-one matches produced by the International Pool Tour to be streamed live via the Internet with $5,000 awarded to the player coming out on top.
Both players entered the studio arena with a casual swagger that smacked of confidence and coolness, telling nothing about the fact that all eyes of the pool world would be watching their every shot over the next two hours. The strut soon left Deuel’s stride as Bustmante quickly grabbed a 4-1 lead.
As the match continued, Bustmante would take full advantage of his overpowering break and tremendous pattern play as he stretched his lead. Deuel did manage to put together a small and short-lived comeback, but in the end his struggle for victory would come to an end as Bustamante sailed to a 15-8 victory.
The match was well attended with onlooker waiting outside the studio for a chance to move into the highly sought after seats. At one point, the courtesy monitor had a gathering hovering around it that out-cheered the studio audience inside.
Only making a couple of unforced errors each, both players played extremely well. The only low point of the match came when the live stream provider experienced technical difficulties. It was only minutes before the highly competent IPT staff technicians had their contingency plan in effect and the match proceeded.
All in all, Francisco Bustamante played an incredible match with Corey Deuel with thousands on online onlookers witnessing history. It was quite the night.


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