Bustamante Continues to Impress at Philippines World Pool Championship

Bustamante Continues to Impress at Philippines World Pool Championship
Filipino pocket billiards player Francisco Bustamante continued his impressive march through the 2007 Philippines World Pool Championship. The Filipino, known as Django, recorded his third straight-forward victory of the competition with a 10-1 triumph over Spain’s David Alcaide to advance into the last 64.
Bustamante has now gained a win in each of the three matches he has played, won 26 racks and only conceded five. In a packed press conference after the match, he admitted he was feeling very confident and happy with his performance so far.
Last year my play was not as good as this year, especially in my match against Thomas Engert in 2006, said Bustamante.
But this year I feel very good. I’ve been practising a lot and I’m in a way, way better condition now.
I’ve studied the soft break and it’s a big advantage. I tried using the hard break earlier (in the tournament) and was not getting much luck but now I can control the cue ball better and there’s always a wing-ball going in. So I will probably use it from here onwards.
Asked who he wanted to play, Bustamente replied: Anybody is alright but of course I don’t want to play Efren (Reyes) in the last 64 or 32. If I do play him I want it to be in the final. Whoever wins that would be ok as we are buddies.


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