Bustamante and Deuel Face Off in Live IPT Challenge Match

Bustamante and Deuel Face Off in Live IPT Challenge Match
The International Pool Tour presents East vs. West, the second IPT Challenge Match. The two countries that are represented in this challenge are both powerhouses in the world of pool. The United States of America has been one of the most dominant pool countries for over 100 years! However, the Philippines has produced many of the game’s greatest players of the last 30 years. Both countries are represented by one of their legendary players.

The two players competing in this match have radically different playing styles, and they are going to clash live, on a free broadcast on the International Pool Tour web site. Meet the players here!

The live match will take place Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 at 8pm (eastern). The game is 8-Ball, and the first player to win fifteen games takes the match. Viewers can watch the live stream absolutely free by being a Basic Member of the IPT web site. We suggest registering early so that viewers don’t miss the beginning of the live broadcast. Registration is simple and takes just a minute.
There are no costs to become a Basic Member. This show is just pure pool for anyone who wants to watch two famous champions represent their respective countries. Become a Basic Member Today- It’s Free! Also, please share this free broadcast with friends, family, and colleagues by forwarding this email to them.


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