Bullard is Tops in Billiards

Bullard is Tops in Billiards
Jacoby Cues Carolina Tour / Wilmington, NC
by Skip Maloney
After being sent to the one-loss side in a hot seat match versus former U.S. Open Champion and recent inductee into the BCA Hall of Fame, Allen Hopkins, Sr., Bruce Bullard came back to capture the first-place prize in the Jacoby Custom Cues Carolina Tour held in Wilmington, NC, on the weekend of July 12-13. A total of 28 entrants signed on for the $1,000-added event, hosted by Break Time Billiards.
Bullard defeated Cary Dunn to face Hopkins in that hot seat match. Hopkins had sent Mike Davis west to get there. Hopkins sent Bullard to the semifinals with a 7-3 victory.
On the one-loss side, after defeating his father, Peaches Fuller, in that bracket’s round of 16, Mike Fuller joined Keith Bennett, Robert Ray, and Joe Nichols among the final eight.
Fuller and Nichols dropped Bennett and Ray into a seventh-place tie and faced off against Dunn and Davis, over from the winners’ side. Dunn then dropped Davis into fourth place with a hill-hill victory and faced Bullard in the semifinals.
Bullard battled to a 7-5 win against Dunn and headed back for the rematch against Hopkins, where the two initiated proceedings by battling back and forth to a 7-7 tie. Hopkins reached hill first on the break of the fifteenth game. Bullard brought it to hill-hill in the next rack and then gave Hopkins a taste of his own medicine by sinking the 9 ball on his final break to win it.
1st Bruce Bullard
2nd Allen Hopkins, Sr.
3rd Cary Dunn
4th Mike Davis
5th Joe Nichols
Mike Fuller
7th Keith Bennett
Robert Ray
9th Larry Faulk
Buddy Fisher
Sidney Champion
Chris Volmar


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