Brilliant Billiards by Bryant in Burlington

Brilliant Billiards by Bryant in Burlington
Tiger Canadian Women’s 9-Ball Tour / Burlington, ON
by InsidePOOL Staff
Brittany Bryant brought home the title from the July 5-6 stop of the Tiger Canadian Women’s 9-Ball Tour. Hosted by Bobby D’s upscale billiard parlor in Burlington, ON, this $500-added event drew in 22 players, who all had their eyes on the top cash prize.
As the quarterfinal match started, so had the hot seat match between Naomi Williams and Veronique Menard. After a tight match, Menard sent Williams to the B-side finals to wait for the winner. Bryant and Kristy De Vries were still busy deciding who would play Williams, as they took games back and forth, but Bryant put an end to it, advancing with a 7-4 win.
This would set up the semifinal match between Williams and Bryant, who had already faced off on the A side, with Williams sending Bryant west after a hard-fought battle. However, this match had a different outcome, and Bryant relegated Williams to third place with a 7-4 score.
The tournament’s final match was Bryant having to win two sets over Menard. In the first set, Bryant was on fire, leading the score 6-4. Then she broke a great shot that targeted a 9 off the break to win her first set. Next, Menard stepped up the plate with strong kick shots and safeties, leading the score 2-1. But the tables turned with a few hangers left by Menard, putting Bryant on the hill 6-3. Menard opted to play safe on the 9 ball, leaving it on the side of the table. Bryant brilliantly banked it in cleanly to win 7-3.
1st Brittany Bryant
2nd Veronique Menard
3rd Naomi Williams
4th Kristy De Vries
5th Denise Belanger
Kayla Jones


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