Why Choose CuetPOS?

Ready For Anything, Versatile, and above all Efficient

POS software may be the most important decision that you will make in your business. Business owners need to find a solution that fits all of their needs they can predict and cover the rest they cannot.

Your software needs to perform retail sales and be as secure as possible. It has to be versatile enough to run a business, track inventory, export accounting reports, and run tabs.

The All-In-One System for All Restaurants, Bars, Billiard Halls, and Businesses

CuetPOS Billiards POS software is the perfect solution for bars, pool rooms, arcades, video game parlors, entertainment centers, sports bars, and restaurants.

It efficiently carries out all of the necessary standard and advanced restaurant and bar functions, adds sales to tables, performs inventory control down to three decimals, uses modifiers, variants, runs tabs, pre-authorizes transactions, in-house membership management, in-house gift cards, send mass texts, and offers itemized sales accounting reports.

CuetPOS Billiards POS software has over 450 features (see list) that cater to the needs of your business like no other point-of-sale solution has done ever before.