Bergman Beats All Comers at Turkey Shootout

Bergman Beats All Comers at Turkey ShootoutFifth Annual Turkey Shootout / Victorville, CA

by InsidePOOL Staff
Youngster Justin Bergman took top honors at the Fifth Annual Turkey Shootout, hosted by Gary’s Victor Billiards in Victorville, CA. Held over the Thanksgiving weekend, this event boasted a prize fund that attracted a field of 53 top SoCal billiard players.
With a field that included 2006 U.S. Open champion John Schmidt, Tang Hoa, Jui-Lung Chen, Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez, Francisco Galinda, and Max Eberle, the action was incredible. Fach Garcia put hometown hero John “Mr. 403” Schmidt out of the event, depositing him in a seventh-place tie with Bernardo “King Kong” Chavez. Garcia, however, only ended up in fifth place, after being defeated by Jui-Lung Chen out of Texas.
After an earlier loss to Hollywood player Max Eberle ended up in fifth place after a loss to another top Southern California player, Tang Hoa. Hoa was stuck in fourth place after an unsuccessful battle with Johannes Kouhanen. In the hot seat match, Bergman and Kouhanen faced off, with Bergman the winner. Chen was happy to step up in the semifinals but fell short against Bergman, who had all guns blazing. In the true double-elimination finals, Chen bested Bergman in the first set 10-6, but Bergman came back in the second to win a deadly double-hill match 7-6 to take first place.


Justin Bergman

Jui Ling Chen

Johannes Kouhanen

Tang Hoa

Fach Garcia

Max Eberle

John Schmidt

Bernardo Chavez

Simon Dudley

Tyler Benton

Damien Alishon

Oscar Dminguez

Joones Ohtonem

Dave Hemmah,

Kyle Lanford

Francisco, Galinda


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