American Academy of Cue Art (AACA)

American Academy of Cue Art (AACA)2006 International Billiard Home Recreation Expo (/content/view/309/88/)wound down on Saturday, acclaimed cue maker Richard Black invited members of the industry to his lovely home in Humble, TX, for the first meeting of the American Academy of Cue Art (AACA). Media, cue makers, vendors, and friends mingled at the koi ponds or by Lake Houston, on which the house is situated. Black also hired a mariachi band to sing and play while his guests enjoyed the Mexican buffet he provided.View the AACA image gallery (/pool_billiard_photos/index.php?cat=12)A short meeting of the AACA followed dinner, with the introduction of the board coming first: Jim Stadum of Samsara Cues; Dr. Mike Shamos; Lynn Castle, the executive director of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas; Paul Del Giudice, a registered patent practitioner; Tom Watters; Ivan Lee, president of Simonis Cloth of North America; and Dan Dishaw, president of the AACA. In his address, Dishaw expressed that the Academy is dedicated to promoting the function art form of cue-making by challenging the cue-making community to push the envelope in developing new creations. Additionally, the Academy is promoting the recognition of cue art in the arts community at large, as well as supporting art education with charitable contributions from the proceeds of the Academy.Visit Inside POOL Magazine for the latest news from the American Academy of Cue Art (AACA). (/)


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