Allison Fisher Wins Great Lakes Classic

Allison Fisher Wins Great Lakes Classic
by InsidePOOL Staff
Allison Fisher has wrapped up another win at the WPBA (Women’s Professinal Billiard Association) Great Lakes Classic, scoring a 7-4 victory over Kelly Fisher in the finals.
In the first semifinal match, K. Fisher met with Sarah Ellerby. Both former snooker pros from the U.K., the players traded the first four racks in the shortened race to 7. Fisher took the lead in the next rack after a safety exchange over the 3 ball. They traded the next two games, and then Fisher took a two-point lead after a dry break by Ellerby, making it 5-3. However, Ellerby parried, taking the next two after a couple of errors on Fisher’s part. Fisher broke and ran out to reach the hill, and Ellerby countered by pocketing two balls on the next rack. Unfortunately for Ellerby, she rattled the 9 ball, and it was all over at that point, as Fisher pocketed the 9 and the 7-5 win.
A. Fisher met with Karen Corr in the second semifinals, and when Corr came up empty on her first break, Fisher cleared the table to take the first rack. The score seesawed to 2-all, at which point Fisher surged ahead to go up 5-2, capitalizing on a few errors by Corr. Undaunted, Corr took the next two racks with the help of a long-rail bank shot. But she missed a key 2-9 combo in the following game, and Fisher took the hill 6-4. Corr came up dry on her last break, and Fisher dished up to win 7-4.
K. Fisher instantly took a 2-0 lead in the finals, but A. Fisher was quick to retaliate and tie things up. Mistakes by both gave each multiple chances, and soon the score rested at 4 apiece. An excellent safety by A. Fisher behind the 8 ball saw her earn ball in hand, and she cleaned the table to take a one-rack advantage. She also broke next and, pocketing two balls, had little trouble running out to reach the hill. K. Fisher broke and made two balls next but rattled her first shot, the 1 ball. Though she got a bit out of line for the 6 ball, A. Fisher had little troubles potting the balls and taking back the Great Lakes Classic title.
Corr has jumped back up to number two in the WPBA rankings, surpassing both Ga Young Kim and Xiaoting Pan, while Anna Kostanian, who came in fifth place, is now ranked sixth.
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1st Allison Fisher
2nd Kelly Fisher
3rd Karen Corr
Sarah Ellerby
5th Anna Kostanian
Jeanette Lee
Xiaoting Pan
Monica Webb
9th Jennifer Chen
Ga Young Kim
Vivian Villareal
Sarah Rousey
Dawn Hopkins
Megan Minerich
Yu Ram Cha
Tiffany Nelson


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