2008 Maryland Open Straight Pool Championship Qualifier

2008 Maryland Open Straight Pool Championship World 14.1 Qualifier
This year’s qualifier for the 2008 Maryland Open 14.1 Championship is being held at Big Daddy’s Billiards in Glen Burnie, MD, the weekend of July 12-13. Big Daddy’s is a premiere billiard room with more 20 handsome tables, located in the Annapolis/Baltimore/Washington triangle. This is one of only six qualifiers being held around the country for the 2008 World Straight Pool Championships, which will be held in E. Brunswick, NJ, at the Hilton August 26-30.
This year’s 32-player field includes many of the East Coast’s top 14.1 players divided into eight flights, with four players in each, playing 100-point matches July 12. The Saturday brackets are seeded so that each bracket includes an A-B-C-D player. The top two players in each group will advance to a seeded, single-elimination tournament July 13. The first-place finishers in each flight will be seeded 1-8 Sunday based on W-L record and ball count differential. A player who wins a match 100-20 will be seeded ahead of a player whose average wins are 100-30, so there is an emphasis on winning by a larger margin rather than just a simple win, since many of the top player will be 3-0 after Saturdays matches.
The second-place finishers in each flight will also advance to Sunday and will be seeded 9-16 on the same basis. In the Sunday single-elimination tournament number 1 plays number 16, number 2 plays number 15, and so on.
For more information on the 2008 Maryland Open 14.1 Straight Pool Championship World Qualifier, please contact tournament director Peter Burrows at 410-757-3488.


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